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A Shout Hello - Written for Graduation - House Of Echos
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A Shout Hello - Written for Graduation
Walk down the hall
See someone you know
Give a little wave
And shout hello.

Separating soon,
Going every which way,
We won't be here long
So seize the day.

Churchill will be past,
Graduation's here
And parted we will be
With a laugh and a tear.

With each memory
Fresh in our minds
We will be reminded
Of many good times.

Of girlfriends and boyfriends
Of each of our classes
Of teachers and homework
And the stairwell masses.

Of the roles that we played
In everyone's lives
From day to day,
And stride to stride.

Of the games that we played
Of Trojan sprit, Trojan pride,
Of all the inside jokes
And good friends by your side

Each of the problems
As well as the fears...
They will be forgotten
Throughout the next years

But the best four years
Go by so fast
Take time to enjoy them
And make them last.

So when you walk down the hall,
And see someone you know,
Give a little wave,
And shout hello

emotion: calm calm
noise: The Mexican Hat Dance (imh)